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Bye Bye Reality Pimps United

Leave it all behind...

Pimps of Bye Bye Reality
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All Members

[ W e l c o m e ]

Welcome to the community for the pimps of the Bye Bye Reality forum. Though the site and forum no longer exist, it's previous members can chat amongst themselves within this community and talk about the latest J-rock news, share files, make friends and converse.

Bye Bye Reality is a Japanese music site that provides all the fresh info, mp3 samples, videos, magazine scans, band profiles, reviews, a forum and other J-rock related things.

The purpose of this community is to unite all the members of BBR together on LJ so we can become close and all that jazz. Your posts don't necessarily have to be about Japanese music to be classified as "valid" or "on topic". Feel free to talk about world issues, current affairs, and stale milk.

[ R u l e s ]
[x] large images go behind an lj-cut.
[x] friends-lock any entries that include media files or personal scans.
[x] play nice with your fellow members.
[x] don't spam this community with garbage.
[x] advertisements are tolerated, but keep them to a minimum.
[x] enjoy yourself, dammit.

Contact anyone from the above list if you have any questions, problems or suggestions.