taradesuyo (taradesuyo) wrote in bbrpimpsunited,

Hello everyone, I thought you all might be interested to know what hide has been doing with himself these days. He has made a blog/forum/website completely unrelated to BBR and Japanese music with a friend of his who was not a BBR admin or mod (member maybe? I dunno.) You can join the forums if you want, but keep in mind they are not Jmusic related and shivi, rins and usyagi are not there. 


Also, I think it should be said that the main reason BBR died is indeed because the admins went to school in Japan and didn't have a chance to pay the bill on time. Rins and shivi went to Kyoto while Usyagi and hide went to Tokyo. Little/no BBR-related correspondence happened and I think you can guess the rest. They/we/I don't know if BBR will be revived in the future.

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